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Vehicle Accident Reconstruction: 

Recreate accidents using animated video for presentation in the courtroom.

Crash Data Download: 

Download collision data from selected passenger vehicles and commercial vehicles. Data can be used to determine how the loss occurred.

3D Laser Scanning: 

​Provides our engineers with millions of measurable points in 3-dimensions, as well as full color views of the scene. Provides accurate data, efficiently, and quickly.

  • Vehicle collisions

  • "Phantom Vehicle" claims

  • Vehicle defects

  • Steering failures

  • ​Tire failures

  • Seatbelt failures

  • Vehicle rollovers

  • Commercial vehicle collisions

Vehicle Inspection: 

Determine if a vehicle defect may have contributed to a loss.

  • ​Motorcycle accidents

  • Construction equipment losses

How We Can Help You Evaluate Claims​

Complete Accident Reconstruction: 

Determine the cause and contributors to an accident, present conclusions concisely in a written report, and preserve documents for later use in litigation.

Biomechanical Review: 

Determine if the facts of loss are consistent with the reported injuries and property damage.

Evidence Preservation: 

Inspect vehicles and the collision site. Preserve evidence with secure chain-of-custody for later use in litigation. Provide oral or written report.

Quick Response

​Our engineers can respond rapidly to a call. We will inspect the vehicles and site as quickly as possible, sometimes even before emergency crews clear the collision site. Our 24-hour response can assist you in documenting claims information quickly and efficiently.

Vehicle Accident Reconstruction and Vehicle Defect Analysis

A.B.Moore Forensic Engineering provides fast and accurate answers to challenging claims involving vehicles. A.B.Moore has experienced engineers from the automotive industry and state-of-the-art technical equipment. We have the capability to evaluate claims including:

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